About me

‍‍‍I am a freelance designer living in Biel, the biggest bilingual city in Switzerland. Please feel free to contact me, even if its just for a cup of tea, I am always happy to meet new people.

I design things
You want to work with me? Awesome, let me know! I can support you on many different fields regarding digital, but also print design. As a generalist Multimedia Producer BSc, no niche is save from me.

If you have a bigger project or maybe you look for a specialist, I might be able to help you too. With a big network of creators, designers and techies in big companies, but also in the startup scene. Lets talk.

Lets have a tea together
Portrait Remo Moser

My partners

For projects that are a bit bigger and require a team of different skilled individuals, I have a strong network of creative professionals to support in any area necessary.

International Creative Agency

Swiss Creative Agency

Swiss Film Agency

Freelance Marketing

Umami Grafik
Freelance Graphic Design

Iris Merki (Cat Puke)
Graphic Design / Illustration